I’ve been thinking and learning from the “bugs” — now to write about it


September 18, 2012 by Gail Ann Williams

I am enchanted with the creative revolution going on in craft beer making, and especially with “sour” and mixed-culture beers inspired by the surviving examples of the ancient brewing traditions of Europe.

I write for The Celebrator Beer News and maintain Beer By BART with my husband Steve.  I also am a BJCP judge, which is an interesting place to observe and learn as amateur sour beers start to get better.

I have been a home brewer for about four years. I brew sour beers nearly every time, and I find them fascinating.

I love that there is so much still to learn.  I figure I’ll keep my notes in public and learn more in a collaboration with other brewers, critical readers and sour enthusiasts. That’s about all there is to the plan at this point.

brett batch in a gallon jug

Tiny batch: mixed culture brett blueberry beer with a fluffy pink pellicle

The photo is of a little one gallon mixed-culture blueberry batch, happily under way. I like to work with split batches, and even small entire batches, just for the joy of learning and tasting.


One thought on “I’ve been thinking and learning from the “bugs” — now to write about it

  1. Nick says:

    Stumbled across your site here researching a Berliner Weisse I am planning. I see you haven’t posted in a year, do you plan updates.
    Your Berliner Weisse post has been quite informative, if you have more going on, please let me know or post some more!


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